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1. Community Outreach – Be a member of the Mercury One Project.  Connect with other organizations to help the local community by assisting local churches, schools, and charities with their community outreach events and programs.

    • Work with local businesses & the community to find sponsors for the Community Outreach Programs
    • Look for “Hand Up” type programs when possible to assist.

2. Preparedness – Helping others to prepare to live in more difficult times; whether from natural disasters or from a further declining economy. Also to set up networks of people in the community to assist each other with basic needs solutions. 

    • Food (How to get food, where to get food, how to raise & grow food, what food to stock up on & how much to store)
    • Currency (Options, precious metals, bartering systems)
    • Communication (Systems including back up options and solutions)
    • Energy (Fuel storage, back-up systems & alternatives including solar, bio fuels, etc.)
    • Medicine/First Aid (Options & Solutions)
    • Safety (How to protect yourself; How to organize & protect your immediate community)


3. Education – Providing a source of education to help those who are waking up to the crisis our country is in and asking themselves questions such as:  How did we get here and what is the solution to putting our great nation back on the right track?

    • Adult & Youth orientated education programs covering topics such as:

                    -Capitalism & Free Market, Equal Justice, School Open Houses, Vacation Liberty Schools, Etc.

    • Education Links and Resources on;

                    -American History, American Constitution, etc.


4. Principles – Promoting the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers

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